Build your own personalised virtual Marketplace.
Our mission is to offer an easy, affordable and graceful solution to e-commerce Marketspace software.

What is Marketbase?

Marketbase allows you to setup an e-commerce site within no time and requires zero technical background. This has the potential for you to own a marketplace and build a community whilst earning money.

Built by passionate developers who believe in building quality solutions for an affordable price. Marketbase is entirely automated and instantaneous requiring no customer service to setup.

Example Marketplace

How does it work?

  • Instantly create a Marketplace
  • Earn Money from selling items
  • Build a Community
  • Allow your community to upload and earn commission from every sale
  • Customize your Marketplace and make it yours

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Why choose Marketbase?

  • Premium and Affordable
  • Instant and Autonomous Setup
  • Free SSL Certificates on any Domain
  • Everything is hosted for you, no need to worry about setting up and managing servers
  • Secure payments all handled through PayPal, all you need is a PayPal email to start earning money

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